Using oculus with VES

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Using oculus with VES

Hey, I just downloaded VES 2.16 and tried it with my oculus CV1, but I only get an error: "VES renderer Unable to create Oculus screen renderer". How do I set up my oculus for use with VES? I can't find any relevant menus or settings.

Windows 7 Enterprise
GTX 980 (nvidia driver version 368.39)
16Gb RAM



We bought recently an Oculus. Normaly it should works on VES2.

But it is not. I looked on the forum but there is no solution for this problem.

There is a critical error : Ves renderer Unable to create Oculus screen renderer.

Best regards Thomas

Hi Thomas

Hi Thomas
I never finished the VR part for VES3 sorry. Maybe someone will do in the future.
Best regards Peter


I speak about VES2
Thanks for your answer.

Best regards

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