New Version (Oculus support)

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New Version (Oculus support)

Dear everybody We are ready with a new version, that includes Oculus support that can emulate a true microscope faithfully. With stereo and color. We are aware that the consumer version of the Oculus has not been released yet, but when it does VES will be ready.


There is also some other bug fixes and an new and improved (hopefully) haptics and drilling.


What would be the preferred computer hardware specifications to run oculus rift with VES?

Also, would I be able to display on a monitor simultaneously with displaying on the oculus?

Hi, for the Oculus i would

Hi, for the Oculus i would recommond Nvidia GTX 980 or better, there is just a lot of pixels to be rendered. And yes the Oculus is simple an additional output device so you can follow the simulation on the main monitor as well. But at this moment the aspect ratio is a be off, when the running in Oculus mode. But we will fix this in later releases.

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