Hardware and software requirements

To run VES, what are the minimum required hardware and software?


VES2 is build for windows 64 bit. So your computer needs to be at least a windows 7, 64 bit. We also support windows 8 and 10.

So no Mac version for a couple of reasons.

  1. Mac laptops are expensive and the graphics hardware is not powerful enough, but this will change with time :-)
  2. The drivers for the Geomagic is not great. 

But this fact might change, admittedly it would be cool with a running mac version. 


Currently we only support Nvidia graphics cards, this comes from the main fact that the software has been developed on Nvidia hardware. In theory it should run on AMD/ATI as well. But to be 100% sure that everything will run smoothly we recommend Nvidia GTX 970 or better. 

Both mobile and standard GTX 970, GTX 980, GTx 980 Ti or GTX Titan X or Z, will run VES perfectly. But it can be run on older hardware and if you are in doubt post in the forum and we will try to answer.

We are not affilliated with Nvidia, we just like their hardware :-)

Nvidia GTX 980


We recommend a Intel Core I7.


Here we recommend the Geomagic Touch, with the ethernet/ubs connection. This device delivers the best quality vs cost, in our opinion.

It is possible to run VES without the force feedback, but to get the full potential of the simulator you need some sort of haptic device.