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VES1 added to download

VES1 has been added to the download forum, it is still a solid piece of software the runs on much lower specs.

How low can you go?

I was wondering if you could re-publish the original minimum recommended specs for the Version 1 simulator as I am looking to build a simple version of the simulator in order to convince my department to invest in an up-to-date version. Unfortunately my (relatively powerful) home computer is AMD-based.

Version 1 system requirements

A search revealed the following for anyone interested:

"a standard Core 2 Duo personal computer with a GeForce 8,800 GTX graphics card, and surgical interaction was provided through a relatively inexpensive (approximately $2,500) Phantom Omni haptic 3D pointing device"

From other searches, it seems that this version was FireWire compatible.

Sorry for the delay, but

Sorry for the delay, but these requirement are still valid! The Ves 1 also works with the usb version of the Geomagic Touch.
I will soon publish a beta version of VES3 that will run on lesser hardware than VES2
Best regards

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