Welcome to the future of 3D simulation surgery

The Visible Ear Simulator (VES) is an academic freeware application for the training of novice and experienced ear surgeons worldwide.

VES is a fully functional 3-D simulator for temporal bone drilling with force-feedback and photo-realistic graphics. VES is developed with support from Oticon Medcal, MED-EL and the Oticon Foundation. VES is a cooperation work between the Alexandra Institute and Rigshospitalet (Danish National Hospital).

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What is VES?

  • VES is a validated and research based surgical training system build on the latest technology.
  • VES is based on real anatomy from cryosection.
  • All relevant anatomical structures has been carefully hand segmented.
  • VES allows you to see and feel the inner ear in natural colors and in a super high resolution.

"We created a super realistic simulation of a temporal bone surgery by using advanced 3D graphics and a force feedback device."

Mads Sølvsten Sørensen

Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Easy and engaging training

Surgical skills requires a lot of practice and deep anatomical knowledge. This fact has been the main motivation for the development of VES. We strive to make a training tool that is accessible, easy and fun to use, by providing world class graphics and force feedback. 

VES is a great and proven tool for anatomy studies and repeated training of the skills involved in inner ear surgery.

With VES you can study the inner ear anatomy both visually and physically as long as you need.


The Visible Ear Simulator (VES) project was initiated by Mads Sølvsten Sørensen, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Peter Trier Mikkelsen from the Alexandra Institute (AI), Aarhus, Denmark, is the lead software developer.
We want to thank the Oticon Foundation Oticon Medical and MED-EL for supporting our work.